“Integrity Eye Associates has the most fantastic service! Dominick takes the time to figure out exactly what is right for you: offering an opinion (if you ask) or recommendation about a frame, but more importantly, he makes sure that the lenses you get are doing the right job for you. My new progressive lenses were not working right for me, and Dominick arranged to have them re-made until they were perfect. He goes out of his way to help you in any way he can. Most recently I lost my clip on sunglasses and he offered a creative temporary solution so that my holiday weekend would not be spoiled by not having sunglasses. There are not many places that combine knowledge, talent, and creativity the way they do. I most highly recommend them as the best eyeglass place around!”
– Joyce Prichard

“If I could sum up my experience in 3 words: FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC !! I just love the vibe in this place! Dom knew exactly what I wanted and even more. Cheryl was courteous, engaging , and helpful. I bought 3 pairs of glasses today and I can’t wait to rock the town with them !! Can’t say enough good things about this place. I get complements about all the glasses I have gotten here. Won’t go anywhere else!! Thanks Dom and Cheryl !!”
– Reesy M

“Totally awesome all the way!! From the eye exam to the eyeglass selection it was great. Dominick was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Got a great pair of glasses at a great price !! Highly recommend them!!” 
– L Russell Torrey

“Had a comprehensive eye exam and glasses fitting done here. Dom is awesome. There really is no substitute for a professional fitting, and that is exactly what you will get here.”
– Bryan Bechtel

“Had my eyes checked at an Ophthalmologist and my prescription changed significantly, When Integrity made the glasses I was not able to use them as my vision was skewed. Domenick at Integrity suggested that I have their doctor check my eyes at no cost. The doctor at Integrity gave me a thorough exam and explained my situation very clearly. Domenick re-made the glasses with the new prescription and they were a major improvement. I am able to wear these glasses with no problem. I think Integrity, particularly Domenick, went over and above to ensure I had glasses that were right for me. I am very satisfied and would definitely do business with Integrity again.” 
– Ralph Gifford

“Dom is a God! I broke the arm off my glasses, went to Dom for a solution…he called me 2 days later with the most creative solution! I can’t tell you what it was…you’ll have to look at my glasses and figure it out. Thank you Dom and Cheryl.”
– Anna Sicalides